Elijah Jamal – A Collision of Music and Purpose

Hey Scribble Spot readers grab a chair and meet Elijah Jamal, where looks and soul collide. This sultry, singing, songwriter cannot be defined in musical terms. Polished by the tutelage of his parents, accomplished Jazz and R&B vocalists, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Aaron and Dr. Margaret Jamal, Elijah is setting Chicago on FIRE. He mastered the air guitar by the age of 6 when he transitioned to the piano. During his younger years he was also groomed in his parents musical group called Shout before he realized that music would become his passionate endeavor. But wait, this young man graduated high school by the age of 15 and would grab hold to his associate’s degree in music by the age of 18. So you tell me what you think he can’t do. I’m willing to bet he’ll strive to prove you wrong.

Elijah learned early on that God did not intend for him to fit in but for him to stand out. He is dedicated to keeping his mind, body and soul in a healthy state through prayer, exercise and Faith. You can find him on youtube, FaceBook, and Twitter.

Let’s support him by purchasing his song available on iTunes and Amazon titled “Nobody but You.” He could be anywhere but he chose to bring you music to heal your soul; and he means business! 

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