Trina Braxton’s Husband Gabe Caught Jerking off on Twitter: Literally

Perusing the web as usual, I stumbled upon Sandra Rose empathetic tweet to Trina Braxton telling her to divorce her husband Gabe. Of course I was curious to find out the what brought this on. If you have been following WE channel’s Braxton Family Values show then you’re fully aware Gabe cheated on Trina for five years of their marriage and they are undergoing counseling. In fact, he even placed a GPS tracking system on her phone which Trina said was a sign of his insecurities and his unfaithfulness. Yep, Trina, you may have been right on the money.

Allegedly Gabe has been having some type of internet fling with a perfect stranger on Twitter who goes by the name of @1DonDiva.  He claims it is untrue and she responded:

@1DonDiva has released and retracted a video of Gabe supposedly jerking off in his children’s bedroom. I hope he sanitized their area.  

Sandra Rose and @1DonDiva goes back and forth a bit in what appears to me like an exchange of information to put Gabe Solis on blast.

The end result, thus far, was Sandra Rose winning the prize possession – the actual video! Gabe, well ole Gabe….. I think it just might be bye-bye for you this time around. I don’t think Trina nor her sisters will be happy about this, especially Tamar.

I guess you really will want people to stop by and chop it up with you once you’re single. I will also advise you not to talk about your mother-in-law to strangers they will happily tell your sister-in-laws all the details.

I am not sure if any of this will play out on the show because we all know episodes are pre-recorded but let hope it makes it on there somehow, I’d like to see Trina lay it to him hard.

What is happening to the institution of marriage especially during this social media era?


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3 Responses to Trina Braxton’s Husband Gabe Caught Jerking off on Twitter: Literally

  1. Gabe is just a ROTTEN EGG!! He is very inmature..maybe Trina has had enough this time. I hope she doesn’t turn to the bottle!!

  2. Jane Doe says:

    “Birds of a feather flock together”

  3. La-Tonya Chisolm says:

    I think that 1Don Diva should be ashamed of herself for putting that out for the world to see. Regardless of how irresponsible Gabe was he does have a WIFE and children. She knew that and as far as I’m concerned is a tasteless HUMAN BEING! What did she achieve? NOTHING, other than hurting people who have nothing to do with any of it!!!!! People never think until their in the same position. It’s wrong and very UGLY!!!!

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